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Benefits of Ginger and Turmeric

Benefits of Ginger include:

  1. Soothes irritable bowel syndrome

  2. Helps with weight loss

  3. Relieves tired muscles

  4. Helps with morning sickness

  5. Reduces Arthritis inflammation

  6. Improves circulation

  7. Blocks heart burn

  8. Clears sinuses

  9. Clears skin

  10. Strengthens immune system

Benefits of Turmeric include:

  1. Anti-inflammatory

  2. Antibiotic

  3. Improves digestion

  4. Blood purifier

  5. Improves coughs

  6. Lowers cholesterol

  7. Boosts immunity

  8. Provides migraine relief

  9. Helps control type 2 diabetes

  10. Can aide in Alzheimer’s prevention

and much much more! Add it to your food daily and watch as you begin to notice the benefits.

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